Published Author, Professional Storyteller & Writer, and Educator
Published Author, Professional Storyteller & Writer, and Educator
Published Author, Professional Storyteller & Writer, and Educator

Judy Wolfman's Biography

Writing and telling stories have always been a way of life for Judy Wolfman, but everything escalated when she became a teacher. Realizing that she could teach more effectively using stories than she could through lectures, Judy created stories based on facts and concepts she wanted to teach. But it wasn't until 1993, when she retired from teaching that her life took off - more storytelling gigs, college teaching opportunities, and time to write.


Her publishing credits include a ten-book "Life on a Farm" series, written through the voice of a child who lives and works on one of the farms. Her first book, Life on a Pig Farm, was named Book of the Year for Ag Education by the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation's Women's Committee (1999), and on the Notable Books list for the 1999 Carolyn W. Field Award by the Pennsylvania Library Association.

Next came How and Why Stories for Readers Theatre (Teacher Ideas Press) which contains folktales and legends that are fun to read, while helping children read with expression.

She has also written two historical fiction - Not My Time, the true story of a Holocaust survivor, and The Long Escape, the true story of a search for freedom in a new land.

Her magazine credits include fingerplay and poems for national and regional magazines for children and adults, such as Highlights for Children, Cricket, Central PA, Mature Living, Writers Journal and Pennsylvania Game Commisssion to name a few.


Since 1989, Judy has been telling stories at schools, libraries, conferences, organizations throughout the nation, as well as on several cruise ships. Her stories are for all ages and occasions, and are entertaining and informative.


In addition to writing and performing, Judy presents author talks, and teaches classes and workshops in writing, storytelling, teaching techniques, and creative dramatics at schools, libraries, conferences, and wherever she is invited.


Because of the surge in schools using Readers Theatre, Judy has presented many workshops on scripting and play writing.

Her workshops are listed in the Education section.


Judy now provides a critique service for new writers.

People interested in writing present their manuscripts to Judy, which she reads and critiques with suggestions for improvement. Thus far, five books and several magazine articles and short stories have been published as a result of Judy's assistance.

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A group of "retired" actors admitted they missed being on stage - performing. However, they could no longer memorize lines, remember blocking, and put in long hours and days of rehearsals. As a result, the Reader's Theatre Troupe was born, giving a viable option to performing.

You may ask - what is reader's theatre? It's quite simple - instead of memorizing lines, the performers read from scripts, using all of the theatrical skills such as expression, inflection, projection, facial expressions, some gestures, and in general becoming the character. Usually a narrator bridges the gaps for scene changes, or action. However, there is no need for blocking, costumes, props, sets or any of the other requirements of a staged show.

The initial members of the troupe located several old radio scripts, as well as scenes from plays, that were humorous and entertaining. Next came selecting the cast, followed by rehearsals, and promotions. At first we targeted senior centers (since many of our sketches were appropriate to the elderly), and did our shows pro-bono. After a few "free" shows, word of mouth brought more gigs, allowing us to request a donation for our York Little Theatre.

We grew rapidly, scripting cute stories and jokes to add to our repertoire, and included fables, folktales and legends appropriate for children. We were delighted to see how much the children enjoyed our show, encouraging us to enter the elementary school realm as role models for reading aloud with expression.

Now we have a 12-member troupe of men and women and a full schedule - that goes into next year! Our show generally runs about 45 minutes, and our need for performing is being satisfied without the stress of memorization, etc.

We limit our shows to the York County, PA area, and have gone from one end of the county to the other, entertaining seniors, church groups, clubs, organizations, childcare centers and day camps. Our audiences love us, and we love what we're doing.


Judy is a member of several professional organizations, including National Storytelling Network (NSN), Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and the National Education Association. She is listed in the 1993, 2006 and 2007 editions of Who's Who in American Women, and the 2006 and 2007 and 2008 editions of Who's Who in American Education.